Aleksandr Gorodenkov opened his studio in 2002. From 2009 video production became his main work. Aleksandr has 20 years of advertising experience, he co-founded Sprais Reklaam company, recently became involved in advertising photography. Now he’s also giving lectures about “Basics of Photography”. His son, Aleksei, was always interested in visual arts and last few years is working with his father.

Aleksandr Gorodenkov Aleksei Gorodenkov
Aleksandr Gorodenkov Aleksei Gorodenkov

Gorodenkoff Visuals studio is the main contact point of a successful idea and a finished product, centre of interactions for professionals: composers, stylists, actors, designers and all who are ready to dedicate their knowledge for best results. Great experience in advertising garanties that the customer will get a successful commercial tool, where personal studio and close family relationship helps to keep budgets low and expectations high about the professionality of the development from start to finish.

Artur Golvih- Decorations  Ivan Milovanov- Microstock, VFX 

Clients: residential area “Vanino”, KIROW ARDELT GmbH, Nord Cocoa, Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet,Esta Parket, Alekon Holding, Arutech, Hea Vesi, GoAdventure, Pergale, Uvic, Infonet, Remedia, “Oksana Tandit”, Tallinna Era Teeninduskool, Gallaplast, St. Patrick and iTek Elektroonika among others.