Sep 23

Forget About Stock Videos for Advertising, We Have a Better Solution

Let’s say you are a creator or you represent a company that needs a commercial video. Sometimes it can be very difficult to know – how exactly the final video ad should look like. Making it will require a lot of your time and resources. Maybe you will need to hire someone to film it for you. Maybe you will need to buy a lot of stock videos and pay someone to edit them. Searching good music will also take time. All this hustle piles up into a huge budget, that might be too much for you right now.

We have a better, faster and cheaper option for you. Kitreel is the place where you can find ready-to-go commercial videos that require minimum of your time. You just go to the website, you click few buttons, and vuala you have a video that you can use anywhere.

Some of you might say, it’s all nice and stuff, but we need more control over our commercials. Well, that’s not a problem. Not only you can pick your own text, but you can also buy the whole Premiere project with full length videos included. And the whole thing can be ready in one day and it will cost you a fraction of what you’d spend doing it other way.