Sep 25

How to Buy a Video Ad Template from Kitreel and Add Text, Music and Logo Yourself in Few Easy Steps

We at Kitreel, believe that it is essential to help our clients grow and become better in all matters of business and life.

Kitreel makes it possible to buy a fully edited and colour graded video ad with no logos and text added. We leave it up to our clients to decide if they want to have full control over this stage of video production.

Knowing that there are customers with different level of expertise in terms of video editing, we decided to make a quick tutorial, that will save time for our clients and ensure smoother workflow process.

- If you want to buy the full video ad from Kitreel BUT prefer to insert text and logo by yourself then:


1) Pick the video that you want to buy.

2) In ‘Text & Logo’ settings click ‘NO’. This will ensure that you buy only the video itself, without anything else added.

3) Buy and download the video.

4) Open a video editor. (For this tutorial, we are using iMovie. You can use any other software as the logic of editing is pretty much the same across all platforms. Some of them are more advanced and some are not)

5) Create the project.

6) Import the media into the program.

7) Drag the video into the timeline. Most of the manipulations happen there.

8) In order to put your own music you will need to decrease the audio level of the original audio down to zero. Then just drag your music file into the timeline and adjust it according to your preferences.

9) Text options are usually found in the tab related to titles. You will need to pull the selected title template on top of the video in the timeline and then adjust as you want. Please note that some video editing programs might not give you the full control over the text manipulation.

10) Logo is inserted the same way as text. You will need to return to the media library of your editing software, then drag the image file into the timeline above the video and adjust as you wish.

11) Final step is to export the video file. You can do it in export settings of the video editor. Please check the relevant manual if any hick-ups occur.

We hope that these quick instructions will come in handy and help you get your ads running in no time.