Oct 03

Buy our Adobe Premiere video templates and save time and money with your freelance work

This video will save days of work for our dear freelance video editors. We know how you work and we know what it means to deliver a product with a finalised story to the client.

First it’s an empty timeline in your video editor without a clue where to start, then the disturbing feeling of procrastination and burning deadlines. We know it all guys. Filming something, then searching and buying some extra stock videos. Putting it all together from the scratch. Sometimes things just don’t fit. Spending time to fit the color grade and so on!

Imagine if there was a pre-made Adobe Premiere project with the full story and all the videos included all at your service. Tweak it as you wish. Add something if client asks. Twist and turn and edit – it’s all possible. This could save a lot of your time and help you earn more. You know what? That’s what Kitreel has to offer. Not only you can buy pre-made video ad templates, but you can get a full Adobe Premiere project template that you can edit all you want.

And the price just lets you charge the client the same as usually, but spend less on the whole production. Therefore it is way more profitable for you then the way you did it before.

Just go to – search for the video you need. Select the option to buy a Premiere project. And here you go. All the material is editable. You can see that the library has full length videos and you can do whatever you want with this. Bazzzinga!