Stock Footage Actor.

What is Stock Footage:

It’s a short video that is not made for the particular client’s order, but is licensed and sold by big agencies as Royalty-Free, meaning that it could be used multiple times, non-exclusively by any buyer.


You’ll be acting in multiple very short silent films (sometimes you’ll have to pretend that you’re speaking, but that’s part of what acting is) with pretty simple scenarios. Our videos usually illustrate some technological achievements, professional people working. So if you had a dream of launching a rocket into space or lead the first human-crewed mission to Mars, we are your guys; you could be something more down to Earth but not less noble like an engineer or a doctor.


If you got this business card, you’ve already passed our casting test.


Your fee starts at 75.- € taxes included.


4-6 working hours. Usually, we start shooting after 16:00, we’re flexible that way and don’t want to get in the way of day jobs.

Your job description:

Being positive, authentic, and fun.

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