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What is Kitreel by Gorodenkoff?

Kitreel is a service that provides users with Stock Footage Packs and video advertising templates. Footage packs can be used to edit your own unique story. Templates are fully edited commercials where you only need to add text and logo.

Can I Buy Footage Directly from You?

Yes, if you feel like buying directly from us – just contact us with your request. Keep in mind that we have all our footage in 8K, when on Video Stock websites we sell only in 4K. We could also provide you with R3D RED raw file, if you wish so.

Do You Provide Custom Service?

We offer to make videos for our clients from our available library (which goes as a bargain), as well as produce footage exclusively for your needs. Your video may be unique, but if you wish to save on time and production, we advice to use our templates as a base and just change some of the parts with different clips, possibly also your own.

What are the payment options?

We accept Paypal and credit card payment through Paypal. We plan to accept few kinds of cryptocurrency in near future.

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